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Last updated: October 2014


What do you offer that other website dont?
We are certified merchant and has been verified by a company called www.ibcim.org.
We stand way above our competitors. We are proud to say that we provide one of the best customer service. We carefully select, test and watch all the movies to ensure 100% excellent quality. We never include cheap and bad quality movies in our collection.

I'm new to online ordering, how can I be sure that I will receive my orders?
We value your business! We want to establish long term relationship with our customers and we want to ensure that you will continue to purchase more from us. We guarantee that you will receive your order! Shop with confidence!

How safe it is to order from your site?
One of our main goal is your privacy and security, therefore we will never give out any of your personal infomation (credit card details, address, name, email, etc) to anybody unless it's required by the law (this applies ONLY for credit card fraud)

I live in a country with very strict customs, can I still order?
We have customers in almost all countries worldwide, we never encountered any problems with their customs. We never had any complains. This is because our packaging is very discreet and there will be no indications that you purchased adult videoss.

How do I pay?
We accept all modes of payment! -- US$ cash, VISA and MASTERCARD, Paypal, US bank check, bank wire transfer, traveller's check, international money order, western union wire transfer!

How will I order?
We have made the ordering system as easy as possible. For more information, please visit this link -->>

Why are most of your videos "censored"?
In Japan, it is illegal to explicitly show any genetal. They use a form of censoring called "mosaic", which is a blocky digital blurring. If you are looking for uncensored movies, kindly visit us at http://www.avuncensored.com

Do you have any UNCENSORED videos?
Yes, we offer some of the best uncensored videos we could find. Go to our uncensored page here

What is the length of each movie?
VCDs should have more or less 50-60 mins average playing time. We split movies that contains more than 80 mins. These comes in Disc 1 and Disc 2.
DVDs should have around 120 mins average playing time, some DVDs have over 240 minutes.

If I order today, when will I get my order?
All discs are generally shipped out within 24 hours (via regular air mail) after we received your payment. You will receive your order usually between 7-10 business days depending on your country.

How will my CDs be packaged?
We are able to keep our prices low by minimizing the "frills" from our CDR copies. There will be no booklets or photo inserts included with each CD, nor will there be a bulky jewel box (which would add to both CD prices and shipping fees). Instead, each CD is put in a cotton and non-woven sleeve with the proper "ITEM CODE" labeled outside. All CDs then are packaged in a small bubble packed envelope to protect the CDs during shipment. Your order will be shipped in a plain package to protect your privacy.

CLICK HERE to see how your package will look like.

What is your return policy?
You don't have to return the defective disc/discs. If you received a defective CD, let us know! We will replace the SAME TITLE at no extra cost and FREE shipment!

I want to order many titles, do you offer special discount?
We always do give discounts! send us as email at info@asianavidol.com

I need more information and I want to ask more questions.
We always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Please send us an email at info@asianavidol.com

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