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Last updated: October 2014


Special offer #1: FREE Discs = HUGE DISCOUNT!
Number of discs purchased Number of discs you'll get for free
less than 100 NO FREE disc
More than 100 but less than 200 10 FREE discs of your choice
For every 200 25 FREE discs of your choice
Bulk ordering Please contact us for bulk ordering information and discounts!

- We do not decide what free discs to include, you must indicate which free discs that you want. If you fail to indicate this, you will not be able to avail this special offer.
- List it down the item codes of the FREE discs that you wanted and email them to sales@asianavidol.com

Special offer #2: FREE SHIPMENT!
For more information regarding free shipment, click here

Special offer #3: REFERRALS!
For every 3 unique customers you refered, you get 5 free discs!! (These 3 customers must pay for what they ordered) Email us at SALES@ASIANAVIDOL.COM and give us the 3 names you refered to us and we will send your FREE DISCS + FREE SHIPPING!!

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